12Pcs Pink Flamingo Elegant Bird Rectangle Shower Curtain Hooks Rings 6 Types

Only 1000 left

Now you can put this pink flamingo design shower curtain hooks on your decorative bathroom decor. With durable resin material. those elegant bird themed hooks will perfect fit for your curtain pole and rod. Add up our unique design shower curtains to make your bathroom to another decorative level.


  • Durable hooks with Non-magnetic resin material with monochrome finish. glide over your shower rod easily.
  • The vivid resin shower curtain hooks. make your bathroom decor shiny in any situation.
  • Easy to install those 12pcs shower curtain rings. allow effortless gliding across the rod with virtually no effort at all.
  • The elegant bird shower curtain rings design can be a great idea for housewarming gift.